Welcome to ACE Hôtel Caen Nord Memorial

Comfortable rooms and a 24‑hour catering service.

Welcome to Normandy!

ACE Hôtel, simply at home

Welcome to Normandy!

ACE Hôtel Caen Nord Mémorial
7 rue René Cassin
Tel : +33 2 31 740 740

  • Caen-Carpiquet Airport: 8km

  • A13 Paris-Caen . Exit n°6

  • Caen Station :10km

ACE Hotel Caen Nord Memorial is open to welcome you 24hrs/day offering 61 fully sound proofed and air-conditioned elegant and cosy rooms of between 17 - 25 m2.

ACE Hotel Caen Nord Memorial is located in the commune of Saint-Contest, a few minutes from Caen’s historic town centre.
ACE Hotel Caen Nord Memorial offers a prime place to stay on work or personal trips from where you can explore Normandy.

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Welcoming, spacious and generous, always competitively priced

Spacious, fully sound proofed, comfortable rooms with fibre optic. You are greeted 24hrs/day by one of our smiling reception staff.

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Welcoming, spacious and generous, always competitively priced

Whether travelling with family, for business, alone or in a group…

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ACE Hôtel Caen Nord Mémorial makes you travel !

The capital of Lower Normandy, chosen by William the Conqueror as his home and the city of the Dukes of Normandy has a rich and extraordinary historic heritage. Cultural to its core, Caen opens onto the Orne estuary offering exquisite walk all the way to the landing beaches. An ideal destination for a lovely escape, we will share a list of our favourite sites so that you can make the most of your Normandy and gourmand-y stay.

A hotel near the Caen Memorial

Do you dream of immersing yourself in the history of the city of Caen? Our hotel is ideally located as it is only a 5-minute walk from the Caen Memorial, a famous museum dedicated to the Second World War and the D-Day Landings. During your stay at ACE Hotel Caen Nord-Mémorial, the beaches of Normandy will hold no more secrets for you. After a good night's rest in one of our cosy rooms, you can easily leave the hotel for the D-Day beaches where numerous routes will be proposed to you by the guides and tourist agencies. A beautiful excursion in perspective only a few kilometres from our Norman establishment.

How to get to and from the Caen Nord Memorial hotel?

To reach the hotel, the A13 motorway is certainly the easiest solution. It connects Paris to Caen via Rouen and brings you almost to the doors of our hotel, thanks to the ring road. The hotel and Caen-Carpiquet airport are also very close. By taxi, a quarter of an hour will suffice. The same applies to Caen train station (from the hotel, it only takes 16 minutes to get there by car).